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Can sandstorms damage car paint?

Sandstorms are a regular experience in the Greater Palm Springs Area during the summer months. These storms roll in from the desert tear up paint, damage windshields, clog up grills and air filters and can mess with various other aspects of your vehicle apart of creating dangerous and potentially deadly driving conditions due to a reduction in visibility.

Things to think about:

Paint: It stands to reason that billions of nearly microscopic sand particles flying through the air at 60 miles per hour will pose a problem for your car’s paint. All of that sand can chip away at your paint, and trust us—the damage will only get worse with each passing storm turning into permanent damage to your paints "clear coat" causing dull luster.

Call or come by and we'll show you how you can invisibly protect your car before your caught in the next sand storm. Our XPEL Paint Protection Film has it's own "Self Healing" clear coat to withstand the damage of a sand storm and comes with a 10-year warranty valid in the United States and Canada.

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