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Ferrari Club Meeting in Palm Desert

Ferrari Meeting Palm Desert

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the Ferrari Club in our Palm Desert facility, and it was nothing short of spectacular! From adrenaline-pumping product demos to jaw-dropping rides, the day was a true celebration of speed and style.

Guess what? They didn't just leave with memories – our Ferrari Club friends snagged certificates and other swanky gifts!

Now, it's YOUR turn to join the winners' circle. Here's the scoop: Elevate Your Ride with XPEL PPF: Unrivaled protection for your paint, because your baby deserves the best defense against the road's unpredictabilities.

Block the Heat, Shine in Style: Discover the world of premium window tinting – enhancing aesthetics while keeping the desert sun at bay.

Ready to revamp your ride and score some exclusive perks? Call us at 760-772-3072 to schedule your PPF and Window Tint experience.


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