Paint Protection Film VS Ceramic Coating

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

You've made the decision to protect your vehicles' Factory Paint. Excellent choice! Now comes your next decision: Should you choose Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating?

Both processes are designed to protect your paint from fading, maintain the gloss, and stop damage from bug acids and other chemical mishaps. But that's where it ends.

XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film will protect your paint from rock chips, sand storms, scratches, and other road debris. In addition, it has a unique SELF HEALING property - the natural heat of the sun will repair swirls left by car washes. XPEL ULTIMATE comes with a 10 year Parts and Labor Warranty that is valid throughout the United States and Canada, while Ceramic Coating has a longevity of 3 years and comes with a warranty that is only valid if you take your car in for an annual check-up.

It's true that Paint Protection Film costs more, but it delivers more protection for a longer period of time, and requires NO maintenance! In the long run it is the most cost effective and worry free solution for your car.

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