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3M’s Crystalline is an innovative brand of window Film, bringing you the latest in Technology available on the market today.

If you haven’t experienced Crystalline Window Film, get ready to be amazed. 3M’s Window Films don’t just tint glass anymore. You and your vehicle deserve the very best and the latest in Technology, and that’s what you’ll get using 3M’s Auto Window Tint Crystalline. MasterShield Offers the very best window films and finest installation processes available. MasterShield goes above and beyond to ensure that your protection is always our priority.

Palm Desert Window Tint | Vehicles | Autos | MasterShield

Keeping What Is Important, Protected.

Have you ever noticed how hot your car is when you get in during the scorching heat of the summer? Or how long it takes to get your AC up and running, wasting fuel during the process? If this has ever annoyed you, Crystalline is the solution you need.

3M patented “Window Tint” in 1963. A Long time has passed and a lot of Technology has been Invented, but 3M is still the innovator of window films when it comes to your Health, Safety, and Protection from UV (Ultra Violet Radiation).

UV rays can cause damage to your car’s interior and possibly even skin cancer. While most of today’s window tint films dissipate solar energy, Crystalline reigns supreme over other brands by making Crystalline over 220 layers of Protection film, no thicker than a Post-it Note. As the leader in all types of automotive films, 3M offers Lifetime Warranty with an SPF rating of over 1,000, blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Its infrared heat rejection and solar dissipation will result in lower cabin temperatures and offer better fuel economy, protecting what is most important to you. With no metalized particles, Crystalline window film will not interfere with radio, GPS, Cellular, or Bluetooth signals, and it will never fade or turn purple, keeping your car in superior condition and looking great for years to come. Crystalline is designed to reduce daytime glare and help nighttime driving with oncoming headlights without darkening your windows. Crystalline does all this in film shades from Clear to 20% “Limo” shades. Change the look of your car with darker windows, or, install Clear Crystalline film and it won’t change the look at all. Choose from many different shades.

Palm Desert Window Tint | Vehicles | Autos | MasterShield

Come in and see tomorrow’s technology today. We’ll show you a free demonstration of how well Crystalline blocks heat, and why you need it on your vehicle now. Contact us today and get the protection you and your vehicle deserve.

  • Glare reduction
  • Enhances visibility at night
  • Up to 60% heat protection
  • 99.9% UV protection (SPF 1000+)
  • 97% Infrared rejection*
  • Rejects more heat than many of the darkest tints available
  • National lifetime warranty

*Infrared light is primarily responsible for the heat you feel when driving.

Palm Desert Window Tint | Vehicles | Autos | MasterShield

Palm Desert Window Tint | Vehicles | Autos | MasterShield

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