Window Tinting in Cathedral City

Window tinting will be an important topic if you ever plan on visiting Cathedral City, or even if you are just driving down the area.

Cathedral City is known among tourists and locals as Cat City, but the name is a contraction of its full name, and not in any way a reference to cats. Cathedral city is more associated with a series of rock formations that look like a cathedral, named as the “Cathedral Canyon.”

The unique geography of Cathedral City leads to a unique climate. The rock formations and mountain ranges can block cool air, leaving the city itself with a warm climate all year round. It does not help that Cat City is smack in the center of Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage. These are two desert cities so sunlight is strong in Cat City, if not downright scorching.

The scorching hot climate is the reason why many car owners tend to seek out window tinting in Cathedral City. Many of these customers end up going with one of the leading installers in the area, MasterShield.

There are several reasons why window tinting is sought in the area:

Window tinting helps block the sun’s harmful UV rays

Without any protection, UV rays can increase the risk of a person developing cancer later on in life. UV rays also have a tendency to fade and discolor the car interior.

Reduction in temperature

Many of the high-quality car window tints that Mastershield offers have the ability to block as much as 60% of the sun’s infrared rays. These IR rays are responsible for the production of heat, and the closed interior leads to an “oven” effect.

Reduces glare and improves visibility

The bright sunlight may look good if you are strolling through Cathedral City, but when you’re driving in your car it can get real dangerous. A dark window tint will reduce the glare and might save your life, preventing accidental collisions due to momentary blindness. Learn more about car window tinting and its benefits.

Protects Against Physical Damage

Most car owners don’t realize it, but window tint films also protect their car windows from physical damage. The film itself works as a secondary protective layer that can protect the glass from:

  • Scratches from sand and debris
  • Stone chips
  • Heavy projectiles

In the case of heavy projectiles, the film can even save lives. In the event of a projectile hitting the windshield, the glass will only crack instead of shattering into sharp, deadly shards. This scenario could occur when a large branch or rock is dropped at a speeding car, of if a stray bullet hits the windshield. This protection also extends to cases where a driver is caught in a collision without a seatbelt. The film could prevent the driver from being thrown out of the car.

Keep in mind that window tinting needs proper installation. Otherwise, you will struggle against bubbling, misalignment, and peels. To ensure that you get your window tint installed, contact us at Mastershield and we’ll do our best to help you with your problems.