Why You Should Get Your Car’s Windows Tinted

Summer is coming. And, here in Palm Desert, that means cranking the air conditioning as high as it goes as soon as you turn the car on, constantly looking for better sun visors for your car, and wondering, at least once, whether those leather seats were actually as good an idea as they seemed when you bought the car. Summer means blazing hot sun, roasting car interiors, and skin so sweaty it sticks to the seats and leaves you feeling gross and more than a bit puddle-like. Sunshades spanning your windshield help a bit, but if there isn’t protection for all the other windows on your vehicle, that sunshade won’t do a whole lot to stop your car from feeling like an oven. Car window tinting can provide the help your sunshade needs to keep your car cooler during the summer – but it can do a lot more than that! Here’s why you need to get your car’s windows tinted:

Heat Protection

One of the primary reasons so many Californians (and others across the country) choose to get an aftermarket auto window tinting applied to their vehicle’s windows is for the temperature control. The technology available today means manufacturers like 3M can design and create window tint films that are very nearly clear, but provide better heat protection than if your windows were darkened until you couldn’t see through them. Modern window tint films have microscopic ceramic or metallic particles in them which help block harmful infrared radiation (the cause of the heat you feel), which means your vehicle will stay cooler in the summer without your car working as hard as it can to cool down. In fact, 3M’s Crystalline window tint film boasts a 97 percent infrared rejection, which results in up to 60 percent heat protection!

Why You Should Get Your Car’s Windows Tinted

Interior Protection

On top of the heat protection, most modern auto window tinting options protect against UV radiation as well – 3M Crystalline offers 99.9 percent UV protection, which is the equivalent to SPF 1000+! Protecting against UV radiation means you don’t have to worry about sun damage to your skin when you’re driving or for a child stuck in a patch of sun during a road trip. In addition to protecting you and your passengers, warding off almost all UV rays means your car’s interior won’t be subject to the fading and damage the sun’s rays cause. Keeping your car’s interior looking like new can help with resale value down the road – of course, car window tinting can’t do anything about the snacks your kids occasionally leave in the back seat.

Increased Safety

Aftermarket car window tinting provides an additional benefit many many people don’t realize: it protects the glass as well. Because aftermarket auto window tinting is a film applied to the glass by a trained technician, you may not even notice it’s there; that doesn’t stop it from creating an additional protective layer for your windows. This means that, in the event of an accident, broken glass will stick to the film rather than flying about. It also makes the glass harder to break, which helps prevent break-ins.

If you’re ready to get car window tinting to protect your vehicle, contact the auto window tint experts at MasterShield in Palm Desert to get started!

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