Why You Need a Car Bra

Imagine getting your dream car. Whether we’re talking brand new Bugatti or a ‘69 Camaro, the point is the same. Just stop, picture it, maybe take a second to wipe the drool away; we want you in the right frame of mind. Now that you have your dream car firmly in mind, imagine walking out of work, out of a restaurant, or out of your home to see a long scratch keyed along the entire side of your car. Did you just feel a sharp pain in your chest? Because we did.

While someone purposefully denting or scratching your car is the exception, not the rule, car damage still happens whether we want it to or not. Of course, usually that damage is more along the lines of chips from rocks kicked up on the highway or dulled paint from blowing sand, but the more you drive your car, the more all those little bits of damage build up. If you want to keep your car in good repair, a large part of that is making sure your car’s paint job is still effectively protecting the body. Which means that, if you want to keep your car looking its best, you ought to take steps to protect your car’s paint job.

Paint Protection

Car paint is infinitely superior to the buckets of stuff we use on the walls of our home. Not only does it make sure our vehicles look spectacular, but car paint actually serves as another layer of protection for your car. The paint is purposefully made durable to protect the body of your car from small dings, scratches, and other issues that could—thanks to rust—quickly grow into major issues. Because of this, it’s important to be sure that any small chips in your paint get repaired quickly. Or, to save yourself the hassle, you can protect your car’s paint job from most damage with a car bra.

Car Bra Options

A car bra, in essence, is protection for your paint. It can be anything from those leather or faux-leather fitted coverings that span the front end of your vehicle to a clear, practically-invisible protective film for cars. Car bra options are pretty easily customizable and, thanks to computer technology, makes it easy to create car bras that fit your vehicle perfectly, even with modifications. The difference between the various car bra options boils down to how much of your car you want to protect and what your aesthetic preference is.

Leather and Leather-Look

These car bras generally come in black and brown and cover just the front end of your vehicle. The idea is to protect your grill and the front bumper area from bugs, rock chips, and sand-blasting that happens when you drive. They protect your paint from fading from the sun, but only the areas that are covered by the car bra.

Why You Need a Car Bra

Clear Bras

The clear car bra is a little bit of a misnomer because, unlike the leather-look bras, they often cover more than just the front end of your vehicle. Clear car bras are made from self-healing clear paint protection film. Because it’s thin and clear, it’s barely visible and can cover as much or little of your paint job without affecting appearance.

If you’re ready to protect your car’s paint job, contact MasterShield today to schedule a car bra application!

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