1997 Porsche Carrera – Full Front

After getting my 1997 Porsche Carrera painted, I took it to MasterShield Paint Protection & Window Tint to have clear plastic shields applied to the nose and front side of the rear fenders. They told me what they could do and how they would do it, and showed me some of their work in progress, which looked great. The most important thing they told me was that I should wait about a month for my new paint to fully set, before applying one of their products. This told me two things: They were confident that I would recognize their competency and would return, and second, they want to make sure I get the best results by waiting to have the protective cover applied. After a month, I made an appointment and then took my car in. They immediately started on it, and invited me to look at the work in progress, and finished as agreed. After finishing, they again explained how the product would protect my car and how to repair nicks to their product.

These are great folks that I can totally recommend.

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