Do I Really Need Paint Protection Film?

A large number of people are wondering whether they really need paint protection film installed on their car. Of course, the answer would depend heavily on different factors that must first be considered, especially with regard to which areas of a vehicle to protect or whether you even need to have your vehicle protected in the first place:

paint protection film


The main purpose of paint protection film installation is protection. Paint protection film (or PPF for short), is arguably the best protection you can give you car against paint chips, bug splatter, stone chip damage, UV ray damage, and most small road debris. No wax, paint protection coating, or even sealant can come close to PPF, particularly because they don’t protect your car from rocks and debris that could get kicked up, whereas PPF is designed specifically to protect against them.

Preserving Looks

Cars are mainly bought for utilitarian purposes, but it cannot be denied that their aesthetics are almost as important as their performance. PPF is unparalleled when it comes to protecting your car’s looks against fading and damage due to environmental factors and random debris. Additionally, keeping your car looking as good as it did in the showroom will help you maintain its value.

However, when it comes to looks, there are things that need to be considered: it is recommended to get full front end coverage in order to avoid the unsightly look of the edge of the film running across the middle of the hood. Additionally, you have to be very selective about which brand of paint protection film you choose – ask around or ask for samples first, because some of them may affect the gloss or color of the paint when applied. It does not affect their ability to protect, but it should be worth keeping in mind in case you want your car to maintain its color and sheen.


Last but not the least, durability. You should be careful when choosing which installer to get. The durability of a PPF installation will be affected by how good the installer is, which is why it is normally not advised for car owners to do their own installation. In terms of PPF installation, the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true. You could try to save on costs by choosing cheap PPFs and installing them yourself, but you could end up with something so ugly that your car would have looked better without the PPF. And any savings you incurred will be negated by the cost of getting the lousy PPF installation corrected. It is better to spend a little bit in the beginning just to get the best PPF and the best installers, so that you will enjoy the benefits for a long time and won’t have to spend too much on finish maintenance.

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