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Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, Car Bra, Protection Film or simply PPF, is the best way to protect your vehicle’s paint, keeping your car looking new, forever. Today cars are painted with environmental water based paints that chip and scratch very easily. Keep it looking Like New or Showroom condition.

Protect your car, truck or motorhome from daily sand and rock chip damage with 3M’s Pro Series and Xpels Ultimate most revolutionary Clear Bra Paint Protection films. These films are made to deflect rocks, stones, sand and debris from hitting your paint and headlights with a clear coat made to “Self-Heal” without yellowing, fading or peeling guaranteed by a warranty throughout the U.S.A. and Canada, parts and labor.

MasterShield combines the latest in first class Protection films with highest in technology Crystalline window tints from 3M and state of the art installation facility. Combine outside paint protection with interior heat and blocking window tint with the Certified Factory Trained Installers and you have First Class Protection with Quality work not found anywhere.

Why Choose MasterShield?

Why choose MasterShield? We can sum up in one word, Quality! MasterShield has been the leader in Paint Protection and window tint for over a decade and is why 24  Auto Dealerships, Car Clubs, Automotive Paint Body Shops and People just like you have chosen MasterShield. We’ve been in the same location for over a decade providing the trust that every owner has for his vehicles. We have the only cutting edge, climate controlled shop to give you only the best protection available.

By offering the highest-quality 3M Scotchgard Pro Series and XPEL Ultimate protection films, shows the commitment in helping you maintain the quality of your vehicle. MasterShield is the only qualified expert you need. We can install heat and UV Blocking films to your home and office. Adding these films can reduce your energy bill and protect your home and office. Contact us today.

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Paint Protection Film Should I get iT?

Washing and waxing was the only way to keep your vehicle looking clean, but there is no Sand or Rock Protection in washes and waxes.

Today’s automotive paints from the 1980’s through today are painted with Environmentally safe “Water Based” paints. Your paint cannot withstand the debris that will be thrown at it from every angle. This debris will be sand, rocks, bird droppings, and bug acids and will chip, dull and damage your paint anytime and anywhere you drive your car. Just washing your car can damage it, leaving surface scratches and swirl marks using a cotton towel.

3M Pro Series and Xpels Ultimate Protection Films are made with “Self-Healing” Technology. If your paint protection does get a minor scuff, or swirl marks, our films will “Self-Heal” and you don’t have to do anything, the film does all the work! It will look new again. Working 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Our goal is to help protect the condition of your paint, looking showroom new and increase its resale value. Having MasterShield install 3M Scotchgard Pro Series and XPEL Ultimate paint protection, protects it from Rock Chips, Bug Acids, and Road Debris and the test of time, implementing industry-leading, state of art and highest in Technology offered today in clear bra protection methods. Don’t be fooled by claims of films just as good as 3M or Xpel and Crystalline or installed just like MasterShield.


3M Crystalline Window Tint  Are you ready to be amazed?

Superior Crystalline is another revolutionary film created by 3M, and you can only get it here at MasterShield. One of 3M’s clearest films block more heat and UV than other limo tints.

Installing Crystalline window film to your windows does much more than color your windows; it Blocks Heat, protects the interior, reduces glare, and enhances your visibility. We at MasterShield, are excited to bring to you 3M’s Crystalline Window Film products, changing the World of window tint. 3M Invented “Window Tint” in 1963 just to color glass, now today 3M Crystalline Window Films are again the latest in Technology. 3M created Crystalline with over 220 layers of film, blocking; Heat, 99% (UV) Ultraviolet Skin Damaging radiation causing skin cancer and Glare reduction film No Thicker than a Post-it Note! Having a SPF rating of over 1000 gives you the protection needed for skin cancer. MasterShield is proud to be the only Certified 3M Crystalline Company to be able to offer this amazing film to you. Don’t be fooled ask for Certifications. Stop the heat from coming in, protect you and your passengers, protect your car’s interior and help fuel economy. Here’s the amazing part: all this can be done without having to darken your windows. 3M has developed this amazing film in Clear and in most shades of darkening tint. Using top-of-the-line automotive solar protection techniques, you can trust your vehicle is in the best hands. Stop by anytime and let us give you a free demonstration of 3M’s amazing Crystalline Window Film. MasterShield and Master Window Solutions can install this heat and UV Blocking Film to your Home and Commercial buildings. We can amaze you even at home!


Transportation Protection Temporary Film, Permanent Protection 

At MasterShield, we take pride in offering our customers another type of protection, temporary transportation film, protecting their vehicle while in transit. With your most valuable possession as our priority, you never have to worry about where your vehicle is coming from, or where it’s going, protected with temporary transport film. Using the same white protection film that you see on new vehicles that are shipped from the factory across the country and around the world on trucks and trains and ships. Our temporary transportation film is just that – temporary. It is quick and simple and easy to install and even easier to remove, leaving absolutely no residue or adhesive cleanup behind.
Vehicles parked anywhere on transport trucks are susceptible to a variety of caustic fluids that leak, such as transmission fluid, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, power steering fluid, differential fluid, gasoline and diesel fuel, battery acid and more. These fluids will destroy your paint. Temporary Transport film will protect against these fluids from destroying your paint. Auto transport companies cannot promise top-level parking or protect from airborne fluids in travel. MasterShield sells temporary transport film all over the world. From one car transport to a fleet of vehicles being shipped. We can ship as many rolls as you need.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind. Whether you are towing your vehicle, have a motorhome, a custom car, from one car to a fleet of cars, call today. We ship rolls of film anywhere you need to protect your car. MasterShield will to be there for your temporary protection needs. Call today and we’ll ship today.

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