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Your vehicle is constantly under attack, and unfortunately, it’s not just from other drivers too busy texting to drive. Aside from the potential mayhem caused by other vehicles on the road or in the parking lot, there are a plethora of natural and environmental attackers than can wreak havoc on your car’s paint job. Think of it in similar terms to the human body; we can be sunburnt, trip and scrape through the top layers of our skin, get flaky and cracking skin from the dry winter wind, and so on. Your vehicle’s paint job is much the same. Over time, the sun can cause fading and discoloration, sand and rocks can chip away and leave scratches, and that’s not even counting damage from high winds or hail!

At MasterShield, we know how important it is to keep your vehicle in good repair, and that includes the exterior of your vehicle. Because we know what a difference a bit of help can make, we’ve made that our focus: We are the exterior protection pros in Coachella Valley and across the US. Stay tuned to our blog, as we will be discussing everything from the best ways to protect the paint job on that brand new car to what to do when the latest wind storm leaves your car looking like it’s been sandblasted (because, let’s face it, that is basically what happens when the Santa Anas tear through southern California).

paint-protectionPaint Protection Film

Our focus at MasterShield is to find the best paint protection films and window tint products. Because we have focused in on such a narrow range of car services, we have taken the time to become the experts in what we do so we can offer the best services to every customer. Thanks to our time and expertise, we are certified dealers and installers for both Xpel and 3M protective film products.

What Xpel and 3M Protective Films Do

Xpel and 3M protective films offer the best vehicle paint protection without clouding over and hiding the beautiful paint job on your car. These paint protection films help keep the sun’s damaging rays from your paint, keeping your vehicle looking showroom new even after months or years of wear. In addition, these both Xpel and 3M paint protection films are self-healing, so getting sandblasted by the Santa Anas won’t need to worry you any longer! The clear bra and paint protection films are designed to handle damage to your vehicle from regular wear and tear, protecting your vehicle’s external surface by absorbing the impact and keeping it from damaging the paint underneath without impacting the color or shine.

keyWarranty Covered Protection in Palm Desert

Because we are certified dealers and installers with both 3M and Xpel, we are able to offer warranty protection for your Xpel and 3M protective film and the installation of the film. In addition, if your protective film is discolored, bubbling, cracking, or otherwise damaged in a way that is covered by the warranty, we will replace your Xpel or 3M protective film free of charge, and that includes the labor cost to do so! However, please note that collisions, regular wear and tear, or intentional damage do not fall under warranty protection. If you notice that your paint protection film is wearing out after years of use, bring your vehicle to MasterShield so we can remove and replace your protective film before your paint gets damaged!

newer_bg5Window Tint Films

Particularly here in southern California, the summer heat can be overwhelming. You protect yourself with sunscreen and air conditioning; protect your vehicle in the same way. With 3M Crystalline window film, you can get window tinting that does more than just offer a bit of darkening. 3M Crystalline window film offers glare reduction, 99.9 percent UV protection, and rejects more heat than the darkest window tints without the vision obstruction. Protect your vehicle’s interior, keep your vehicle cooler, and save on gas when you don’t have to crank the a/c.

If you’re interested in protecting your vehicle’s paint job or windows, trust the experts at MasterShield to get the job done right. We cut every paint protection film in-house with a computer, so we can customize to any vehicle or modification. Call us today to schedule your 3M protective film installation in Palm Desert!

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