Mastershield Palm Desert Restrictions on Car Tints

Car window tints are very useful additions to any car for a wide variety of reasons. The benefits range from aesthetic enhancements – because tinted windows make a car look sleek and mysterious – to utilitarian, as the tint can block or reflect heat and cancer-causing UV rays. But car owners can’t just install window tints without first checking with their local laws: because most states either place restrictions on window tint use, or outright ban their use altogether.

auto window tinting palm desertPalm Desert, California is one place where due diligence must be observed by people who want their car windows tinted. After all, the area is known for extremely sunny weather all year long, so protection from the heat and UV rays is always needed unless people are only going to use their cars at night. However, California does have laws that put restrictions on auto window tinting in palm desert.

The most relevant law is section 22708.2 of the California Vehicle Code. But car owners should read the code fully because it is not an outright ban on window tints. Rather, it is a restriction on sunscreens only on the front side windows. Even then, there are exclusions – the sunscreens are allowed if the driver has a documented medical reason. Provided that the screens will not be used after dark.

Additionally, it is important to note that the restrictions are not a blanket prohibition on suncreens and window tints. Instead, it is only for very dark tints that prevent the driver from being seen. This is because the law takes into account that drivers need to make eye contact with fellow drivers in order to better allow them to gauge each other’s driving decisions while on the road.

What it Means for Car Owners Who Want Mastershield Palm Desert Tinting Services

Getting Mastershield Palm Desert tinting services is a must – these professional installers know all the relevant car window tinting laws in their area, and as such will be able to do the following:

  • recommend the right kind of tints to use,
  • know where to apply them.
  • More importantly, they have access to high quality window tints like 3M Crystalline, which have window tints that are clear or light enough to be exempt from s 22708.2 of the CVC.

And last but not the least, even if there are no window tinting laws in Palm Desert, CA, it is still a smart idea to get Mastershield Palm Desert tinting services. Their years of experience and highly trained team of installers will ensure that your car windows will be tinted without any future problems creeping up. Don’t hesitate to contact Mastershield and get a quote for your car.