How to Choose Car Window Tinting

Beating the heat can feel like an impossible task, especially during our hot California summers! You know that feeling you get on a particularly hot and sunny day – the kind of day that is so hot it almost feels like you could just melt into a puddle on the sidewalk? Well, if that is how hot you feel, think about how much more overheated your glass- and metal-encased car must feel! Sure, you probably don’t enjoy your leather seats quite as much when the temperatures are up over 100 degrees, but those high temperatures can be doing lasting damage to your car as well. Fortunately, there is something you can do to protect both yourself and your car: invest in car window tinting!

Do I Need Window Tinting?

If you’re tired of your car getting so hot that you stick to the seats, the solution is not cranking your air conditioning. The first problem with this is that it wastes fuel, which means you’ll need to fill up more frequently. Secondly, it doesn’t help those initial couple of minutes of skin-searing heat that has been building up as your car sits in the sun. This is why so many California drivers have their windows tinted. Not only does it offer a bit of extra privacy, but a good car window tinting will actually block a good deal of the UV rays that heat up your car’s interior. So, if you’re looking for more privacy or a way to keep your car cooler, window tinting can help!

How to Choose Car Window Tinting

How Do I Pick a Tint?

Once you’ve decided to get your car windows tinted, there are still a few more pieces of information you’ll need to decide on. Fortunately, expert window tint installers like the team at MasterShield can guide you through picking the best option based on your needs. Some things to consider when choosing the best car window tinting option for you include:

  • Which type of tint film do I want? – There are a variety of options that range from basic dyed and metallic to ceramic and nano-technology. Options like the metallic film may offer better UV protection than dyed but can interfere with radio and GPS signals while the nano-technology film, like 3M’s Crystalline window tint film, offer better UV and heat protection without that interference. If you’re not sure which benefits you need, ask your local window tint installer for guidance.
  • Can I DIY my window tint install? – Yes, you can; many auto parts stores sell the supplies you’ll need. However, for best results, we suggest going to a professional. Not only will the install be easy and blemish-free, but you’ll also get the extended protection of a warranty for the product and installation.
  • What color do I pick? – This question is definitely one to ask an expert if you’re unsure. Thanks to nano-technology, you don’t need to go as dark as possible just to get better UV and heat protection. In addition, you may also run into the question of legality, which your local car window tint installer can advise you about.

If you’re ready to get lasting heat and UV protection for your car, call MasterShield today to schedule your Palm Desert car window tint installation today!

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