How Long Will A Clear Car Bra Last?

When you get a new car, fresh and sparkling and straight off the lot, people tend to have one of two trains of thought: protect it carefully and try to keep it in pristine condition at an almost obsessive level or, at the total opposite end of the spectrum, fervently wish to get the first little door ding out of the way so they can quit worrying so much about their car’s paint job. Thankfully, there is another option that doesn’t require you to obsessively guard your car or wish for damage! With the best 3M or Xpel paint protection film, you can protect your car’s paint job from everything from heavy sandstorms to flying rocks while you cruise down the highway. The MasterShield team in Palm Desert has been meticulously installing 3M or Xpel paint protection film since 2004, so you can trust your new or carefully restored vehicle to our car and we will custom fit a clear car bra.

How It Works

At MasterShield, we cut every piece of 3M and Xpel paint protection film in house, guided by a computer. This allows us to cut each piece to custom fit your vehicle, even if you have made aftermarket additions or alterations like a different bumper. Our 3M and Xpel paint protection films are the best option to protect your vehicle’s paint job and keep it looking pristine. Paint protection film is exactly what it sounds like: a specially designed protective coating for your vehicle to keep the ravages of nature from dulling or damaging your paint job. They can be installed on as much or as little of your vehicle as you choose without worrying about unsightly seams. You can even have 3M or Xpel film applied to your headlights to keep them clear and bright.

3M and Xpel paint protection films were specially designed with vehicle paint in mind. The film is a stretching and self-healing coating that will protect your car from debris whether it’s parked at home or flying down the interstate. Because it is self healing, even if a rock chip scratches the film, the paint underneath will remain protected and the film will heal itself, hiding the scratch and providing a clear car bra film that isn’t even noticeable without an up-close inspection.


Paint Protection Film That Lasts

On average, a properly installed 3M or Xpel paint protection film can be expected to last an average of nearly a decade or more, depending on wear and tear as well as proper maintenance. When first installed, it may appear foggy, but that will only last a few days. After that, the film will be totally transparent and will protect your vehicle’s paint for years to come. They are meant to endure all the normal wear your vehicle faces, including washing and waxing, if you choose. See our FAQs for our care suggestions for your 3M or Xpel paint protection film.

Stop worrying about scratches and sand blasting for your vehicle; call MasterShield today to schedule certified installation of our 3M or Xpel paint protection film!

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