MasterShield Protection From the Desert

Use these tips to protect your car from the Palm Desert elements

Nothing marks Palm Desert like the scorching sun and dry conditions! While we love our sunny California paradise, we’re often put between a rock and a hard place when it comes to our cars. Between the unrelenting rays beating down from the sun amidst the dry, dusty roads, our cars can wear down faster than we’d expect. If you own a classic, a sports car, something limited edition, or a car that you really care for, then you’re probably doing everything in your power to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape under all conditions. Taking preventative measures to prevent wear and tear can save you tons of money in the long run. MasterShield LLC. wants to help you ensure that your car is looking good after this burning summer! Here are some tips.

Paint Protectant

Automotive paint is designed to both look nice and protect your car. However, after some time driving through these desert like streets, the sand and dirt kicked up is likely going to leave micro-scratches on your car or worse. Months of wear and tear on your car from driving can really cause your paint to break down and the powerful rays from the sun aren’t helping. If you own a classic car especially, you’re probably well aware of the costs that follow a new paint job. Therefore, to prevent your car from damage, we suggest applying a protective coating before you hit the road. MasterShield LLC uses 3M Clear Protective Film Pro and XPEL which are brands certified to protect your car from the elements.

Window Tint

Have you ever noticed how things fade in the sun? The strong UVA and UVB rays from the sun have a tendency to wear away the colors on most objects. Unfortunately, your car interior isn’t going to be an exception. Leather, while a durable material, is still at the sun’s mercy. And, in Palm Desert, the sun is thrice as powerful as the rest of the country. Window tinting is designed to protect the inside of the car from these rays. The technology used at our car protection company is advanced and effectively blocks harmful sun rays. Additionally, it shades the interior of your car and prevents fading and breakdown.

Protecting Your Car from the Desert Conditions

Windshield Guard

While tinted windows block UV rays, they don’t always prevent the heat. It’s no secret that the temperatures in Palm Desert reach over 100 fahrenheit on the regular and that after some time in the sun, the insides of cars become boiling hot. Adding a windshield guard could help control the heat and add additional sun protection.

Seat Covers

Adding seat covers to your seats will not only protect from spills, but they’ll also prevent the wearing properties from the sun. Leather seats are susceptible to drying out, cracking, and fading under the right conditions. A seat protector can go far in saving your interior!

We hope this advice was helpful and that your car will withstand the harsh, desert-like elements this year! For window tinting, 3M paint protection, or a car bra, don’t hesitate to contact MasterShield LLC today!

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