How Long Has MasterShield Been In Business?

MasterShield has been in the same location in Palm Desert since 2004. We are the only Certified 3M and Xpel company offering protection and window films in the area. We offer protection to the public and work with 24 Dealerships, high-end detail shops, and body shops.

Is Paint Protection a Wax?

No. Both 3M and Xpel paint protection films are a clear 8mil polyurethane film with a self-healing clear coat specially made for paint protection. These paint protection films will self-heal normally without any assistance. Waxes cannot stop rock chips and sand damage the way our films will.

Can There Be a “Fog” Under the Film When it is First Installed?

Yes there can be, but this foggy appearance is just temporary and is the result of the iInstallation solution that will evaporate from beneath the paint protection film. It will not last more than just a few days.

Can You Apply the Paint Protection Film to my Aftermarket Bumper?

Of course. Because our paint protections films by 3M and Xpel are cut in-house, by a computer, we have the ability to design and customize an installation on any make and model of vehicle and its corresponding pieces. Using industry-leading software programs, we are able to custom design films that fit your vehicle perfectly, whether it already exists in our system or not.

Are your 3M Pro and Xpel Ultimate films permanent?

No, our paint protection film can be removed at any time, but it does require a professional to safely remove all materials. The film is made to be applied and left on the vehicle; after removal the film cannot be re-applied.

Will my hood have a line between film pieces?

No. We cover your entire hood with just one piece of film, as well as your entire vehicle for the ultimate protection. If a “seam” is seen in other areas, it was the only way to install the film in certain areas. A seam will part of the factory designs. MasterShield Technicians have years of experience to do everything possible to hide edges and seams to make the paint protection film invisible.

Once on, can I wax/wash my vehicle’s film protection?

Most certainly. At MasterShield we only use the 3M and Xpel films that are made to be washed and waxed if desired. We suggest using a high-quality wax to ensure the best possible outcome for your desired results. No polishes or compounds.

Does the film protect deep scratches?

Our 3M and Xpel films are made to heal surface scratches and marks. If something penetrates deeper than the clear coat, it will not protect the paint on your vehicle. Often, only film pieces need to be replaced without paint repair.

How can I treat wax buildup along the film seams?

Paste wax can create a white line if it directly applied near a seam. If this happens, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol and gently clean the area using a microfiber towel.

How long does an installation take?

Each car is different, so installation will vary depending on its specific size. Generally speaking, installations will take several hours to several days for a full car to be completed.

Why Should I Choose MasterShield to Install Paint Protection Film on my Vehicles?

MasterShield has been installing paint protection film here in Coachella Valley longer than most companies in the whole U.S.A. We go the extra mile from preparing to wrapping the edges for the final cleanest and most invisible edge-free installations. We’ve been asked to work on celebrities’ vehicles and vehicles brought to us from the east coast. For many people we are their first stop for protection and 3M Crystalline Window Film after purchasing a new vehicle. Our name and reputation speaks for itself. Stop by and see why.

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