Clear Bra Car Protection’s Benefits

Clear Bra Car protection is a great aftermarket upgrade for a car. In most cases, it is considered as a mandatory upgrade. It is especially true for people with luxury cars if they want their investments to retain value for extended periods of time.

However, there are car owners that will benefit from clear bra car protection but are still on the fence. Because they don’t really understand what the product is. Or worse, they are under the misconception that it is nothing but a luxury for high-end car owners

Clear Bra Car Protection in a Nutshell

clear bra carA clear bra is essentially a protective film installed on a car, protecting surfaces with paint or reflective surfaces from various types of physical damage. It can also protect against weather damage.

Different types of clear bra products use different types of materials, but the most common ones tend to rely on urethane. Urethane is also commonly known as a clear transparent outer coating for clay and plastic figurines.

Benefits of Clear Bra Car Protection

There are a number of advantages to having clear bra car protection. These advantages consist of:

  • Protection against physical damage – this will include minor scuffs, scratches, stone chips, and even direct impact. Although it only protects you up to a point. Clear bra is not invincible.
  • Protection against environmental damage – this kind of protection will be effective against sunlight and cold temperature damage, which usually results in discoloration, fading, and cracking if the car goes through rapid changes in temperature.
  • Protection against oxidation – car paints are prone to oxidation due to either weather-related factors or just plain aging. A clear bra can help stave off the effects of oxidation and keep the car paint looking new for much longer periods. Take a look at our Clear Bra Gallery.

Things to Consider Before Getting Clear Bra Car Protection

While clear bra features obvious advantages and worth considering by any car owner, there are a few things that need attention. For starters, cost efficiency and long-term benefits can be an issue. If you own an expensive car with a value that will not depreciate very soon, particularly sports cars or luxury models, then a clear bra is a must. You want to preserve these cars as much as you can.

However, if you own a clunker or one that you plan on replacing soon, the cost of a clear bra is hard to justify. This is true if the car does not look good in the first place. There’s no sense in getting protection from something that no longer looks warrants protecting.

Finally, it is vital to understand: clear bra requires professional installation from authorized installers such as Mastershield Protection. You can find a way to turn clear bra installation into a DIY project, but the cost of repairs and reinstallation is not worth the risk. It is wiser to just get a qualified installer to do it right the first time.