How to Clean Car Window Paint Properly

Maintaining a clean, pristine car window is paramount, because not only will a dirty car window ruin your car’s aesthetics, but can also pose a very real risk because it could affect visibility while driving. However, most people tend to struggle with cleaning car windows without streaking and smudging. If you ever find yourself in this conundrum, you can read on for some tips on how to clean your car window properly.

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Technique is Important

There are many excellent car window cleaning products out there. In fact, Master Shield Protection relies on some of the highest quality cleaning products to care for your car window paint, but it is worth noting that the cleaning materials are only part of the equation. The technique you use when cleaning windows is equally important as the tools you use for cleaning.

Cleaning the Inside and the Outside

Car windows have two sides, but while common sense would make you assume that the cleaning technique for both sides is the same, the truth of the matter is that they require different approaches if you want to avoid streaks and smudges. This is mainly because the two sides are exposed to different problems – the outside window is frequently battered by the weather and dirt, while the inside is more prone to outgassing (when chemicals used in the manufacturing of car interiors emit chemical gases after being exposed to UV rays, heat, and air.)

Choosing the Right Cleaning Cloth

The right kind of cleaning cloth is also crucial if you want to have streak and smudge-free windows, and more importantly, if you want to avoid damaging your car window. One of the best cleaning cloths tend to be microfiber cloths with waffle weaves.

This is because these products are designed specifically for car window washing, and so they possess characteristics that are well-suited to such a task. This includes being virtually lint-free, and having grooves or edges that can help catch stuck dirt while being soft enough that it won’t scratch the window or the tint film. Additionally, these microfiber cloths are also easy to wash because they can be easily washed using hot water and regular laundry detergent.

One thing you have to keep in mind is to keep these microfiber cloths exclusively for window cleaning use. Do not use them on other parts of the car or for other purposes. The reason for this is twofold; first is that it makes cleaning the cloth easier, as they won’t catch the tough dirt and grime found in other parts of the car, and second is that you will avoid damaging the car window with hard dirt that the cloth can pick up from dirtier parts of your car.

If All Else Fails, Get a Professional’s Help

Of course, there are cases where you might want to avoid cleaning the car windows yourself, such as in cases where you have special window tint that can be damaged by regular cleaning or if the car window has been stained with chemicals that you cannot identify. In which case, you can contact Master Shield Protection, which is one of the leading experts on car window paint in palm desert, and we will be happy to assess what kind of cleaning and care your car window needs.