Car Window Tint: How to Tell if it’s Properly Applied

If you live in California or make frequent trips to the area, a car window tint is a must. The area is famous for perpetually sunny weather. All that sunlight will wreak havoc on your interior and skin if you don’t have window tint blocking some of the UV and IR rays. But a car window tint would be useless if the tint job is not done properly. There is a very good reason why most car owners get their tint professionally installed by places like Mastershield. A shoddy tint job will not only reduce the benefits you’d otherwise get, but it also makes your car look unsightly.

Fortunately, places like Mastershield can easily correct bad tint jobs. The real challenge here is knowing how to tell if your car’s window tint is correctly installed. Here are some basic tips:

Check the Edges of the Car Window Tint

The first sign that a window tint was not properly applied is the window’s edges. When done correctly, a car window tint should have small consistent edges. This is because top-notch installers like Mastershield use computerized templates. The cuts are surgically precise. If you see significant gaps and uneven edges, you should inspect your tint further.

Be Wary of the Color Purple

Unless you specifically chose purple as your tint color, purple windows is a sure sign that you need to get that tint replaced. Purpling happens when the dyes in the film fade. It takes a long time before high quality films turn purple, so if you encounter purpling so soon, it’s a clear indication that the tint you had was poor quality.

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Look for Bubbles in the Car Window Tint

Huge bubbles are a red flag, and they usually get caught through while installing. But there are times when small bubbles go unnoticed, especially if the person who installed the tint lacks skill. And these small bubbles may not pose any problem at first, but eventually they’ll accumulate and will cause distortion. Additionally, the bubbles can lead to the adhesive breaking down prematurely so it’s only a matter of time before the tint film itself starts peeling. Find out more information about car window tints.


Check if GPS and Cell Phone Signal is Weak Inside Your Car

If your GPS device and cell phone struggles to get a strong signal while inside the car, it may be a sign that your window tint is a low quality or extremely old one (in which case it may already need replacing.) This is because these old, outmoded films rely on metallic elements (such as silver and gold) in order to reflect light and heat away from the car. It is effective, but it can interfere with various signals including radio, cell phone, and GPS. There are newer and better tint films that provide the same UV and IR protection, without hindering signals.

Don’t Try to DIY

Lastly, if you find that your car tint is problematic, there is no sense in trying to do it yourself and risking another poor application. Drive down to a professional installer like Mastershield and get it done correctly. You will save on money in the end as car window tint that applied by a professional installer will last a long time, requiring no reapplication or repairs.

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