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Car Transport Wrap | Auto Shipping Protection Film | MasterShield



When transporting your vehicle, the last thing you want is paint damage. It is inevitable that your vehicle will come in contact with caustic fluids, susceptible to minor scuffs and scrapes around door handles, door edges along the along its journey. This is where our protection plan comes into play. With MasterShield's temporary transportation film, you can protect your vehicle's paint from even the most harmful dangers.

Car Transport Wrap | Auto Shipping Protection Film | MasterShield

Temporary Film, Permanent Protection

At MasterShield, we take pride in offering our customers another type of protection, temporary transportation film, protecting their vehicle while in transit. With your most valuable possession as our priority, you never have to worry about where your vehicle is coming from, or where it's going, protected with temporary transport film. Using the same white protection film that you see on new vehicles that are shipped from the factory across the country and around the world on trucks and trains and ships. Our temporary transportation film is just that - temporary. It is quick and simple and easy to install and even easier to remove, leaving absolutely no residue or adhesive cleanup behind. Vehicles parked anywhere on transport trucks are susceptible to a variety of caustic fluids that leak, such as transmission fluid, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, power steering fluid, differential fluid, gasoline and diesel fuel, battery acid and more. These fluids will destroy your paint. Temporary Transport film will protect against these fluids from destroying your paint. Auto transport companies cannot promise top-level parking or protect from airborne fluids in travel. MasterShield sells temporary transport film all over the world. From one car transport to whole fleet of vehicles being shipped. We can ship as many rolls as you need.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind. Whether you are towing your vehicle, have a motorhome, a custom car, from one car to a fleet of cars, call today. We ship rolls of film anywhere you need to protect your car. MasterShield will to be there for your temporary protection needs.

Call today and we’ll ship today.

Car Transport Wrap | Auto Shipping Protection Film | MasterShield

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