Car Paint Protection Film Comparison

Car paint protection film helps keep vehicles looking new. For every vehicle owner out there, it is important to have proper protection for his or her vehicle’s paint job. After all, nothing ruins the look (and value) of a car or motorcycle than a scratched, faded, or stained paint job. The paint job is always under assault by the weather and the road, but the problem is that there are many types of protection available and it can be difficult to find out which one is the best between car paint protection film, coating, and wax. While we are not going to pick a specific one, as they all have pros and cons, we can outline what makes each of them unique, and give you enough information in order to pick the best. We will be reviewing the following:

  • Waxes
  • Sealants
  • Coatings
  • Films

Waxes and Sealants

Regardless of what car paint protection film you use they are typically grouped under the same category. There are different products – waxes are made from Brazilian carnauba while a sealant is made from synthetic polymers. They both protect a paint job from damage and leaves a wet look on metallic surfaces. The main difference primarily centers around their longevity – waxes last for around 1 to 3 months before reapplication is needed, while sealants can last for as long as 1 month to a year, depending on the brand and its quality. The advantage to waxes and sealants is that they are not permanent, and therefore easier to remove in case you need to change to a different product. Additionally, some of the high-quality waxes and sealants are “leave-on” products that need no buffing.


Coatings are newer products, which is what makes people think that they are a better choice by default compared to the older products. The true advantage of ceramics come not from their status as new, but because they are made from ceramics, which means they are more durable and can be comparable to high-end waxes. Some high-end coatings even go one bit further and improve their efficiency at protecting a car’s paint job, by using silicon carbide. The main consideration for coatings is that they are semi-permanent and are very noticeable because they leave a candy-coated appearance. So if you do get them applied to your vehicle, you have to consider the fact that getting them removed without damaging the paint job will require professional help. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, you can contact us at Mastershield Protection.

Car Paint Protection Film

Car paint protection film products are the most advanced and preferred protection by vehicle owners out of the three. And this is reputation is not undeserved. After all, clear films were originally developed and perfected by the military for use on helicopters and military vehicles, in order to protect them from the extreme rigors on the battlefield. One of the developers of the technology is 3M, which has since developed and marketed high-quality 3M protection film products, with the most popular segment being the 3M film protective film for cars. car paint protection film

The main advantage of a car paint protection film is its efficiency and longevity – many high-end paint protection films have self-healing properties, which allow the films to “heal” from light scratches and scrapes after being exposed to heat and sunlight. This removes the need for reapplication, and in a lot of cases make them more cost-efficient despite having a bigger initial cost. Read & learn more about paint protection film.

The Winner: Car Paint Protection Film

A car paint protection film has a tendency to be the best choice for most people, but there is a consideration to be made that make other options viable: the upfront cost of a car paint protection film is larger than coatings and waxes, mainly because the films are indeed more expensive due to their efficiency, and more importantly – they need trained professional installers in order to avoid problems. However, considering their efficiency and durability, paint protection films tend to pay for themselves many times over the longer you use the car.

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