Which Brand is the Best Car Window Tint Film?

Car window tints help a great deal when it comes to protecting both the driver and the interior of a car from harmful UV Rays, but when it comes to protecting the tint itself, you need to get some high end car window tint film. These films help protect the tint from scratches and abrasions that usually come from dirt and debris, as well as environmental damage. But the question is out of all the products out there, which one is considered as the best car window tint?

best window car tinting

Currently, the most popular brands come from 3M, Prestige Film Technologies, Suntek, Llumar, and Hunter Optik. Master Shield Protection offers all of these products, as they all offer great protection. Different people will have different needs, so which one is the best car window tint will depend. Here’s a comparison of their products:


3M is easily one of the top manufacturers of car window tint film, mainly because they developed the technology for the military. As expected, 3M’s films are durable, meant to last, and require very little maintenance. Its biggest selling point is that they provide the most inclusive warranties, which brings a huge amount of peace of mind.

Prestige Film Technologies

Prestige Film Technologies (PFT) may not be the oldest manufacturer, but they specialize in the technology and has so far released a number of related products such as mounting tapes, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, and UV transparent thin film. Many users swore by their products, particularly the ones that use specialty coating in order to add another layer of protection to the films.


SunTek is frequently pitched as one of the most cutting edge brands when it comes to cool solutions window tinting, as they have developed a wide variety of innovative and proprietary technology meant to enhance the efficiency of their films. Their biggest draw, however, is that their product line ranges from the expensive high end to the budget line, which means people who are very specific about their budget will find something from SunTek that will suit their needs.


Llumar is said to be the largest manufacturer in this list. Technically, 3M is a far larger company but their focus is not exclusive to car window tint films. Llumar, on the other hand, is focused on automotives and has a wide range of window tint films, and so they are technically the largest manufacturer of car window tint films. Their best selling point is that some of their high end films are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Huper Optik

Huper Optik’s main selling point is their product line that relies on patented  nanotechnology, which is said to allow for superior fade control and comfort. The brand is also familiar among owners of European brand cars from BMW, Porsche, and Jaguar and as such Huper Optik’s tints have since become almost synonymous with European cars.

To get a better idea on which brand is the best for your car, do not hesitate to contact us at Master Shield Protection and we will be happy to help you with your concerns, while giving you the right kind of advice with regard to car window tint films.