1. How Does Car Window Tinting Work?

    You’ve undoubtedly seen car window tinting before, whether you realized it or not. When a car has windows tinted as dark as the pitch black paint, you can guess pretty easily that it’s had some aftermarket window tinting done to it. However, most car window tinting isn’t dark enough to make your car look like a wannabe Batmobile. The fact is, a great majority of cars rolling off the product…Read More

  2. Clear Bra Versus Leather Bra – Which is Better?

    If you’ve lived in California for even a year or two, you’ve probably noticed the effect our desert climate has on your car. Not only does highway driving kick up lots of little rocks and debris, but when the wind starts blowing, it works a bit like taking a sandblaster to your car. This is why so many cars here in Palm Desert and across the southwest have pitted and dull paint jobs. If you l…Read More

  3. How to Choose Car Window Tinting

    Beating the heat can feel like an impossible task, especially during our hot California summers! You know that feeling you get on a particularly hot and sunny day - the kind of day that is so hot it almost feels like you could just melt into a puddle on the sidewalk? Well, if that is how hot you feel, think about how much more overheated your glass- and metal-encased car must feel! Sure, you prob…Read More

  4. Removing a Clear Car Bra

    How does your car’s paint job look as it approaches a decade in age? Is it worn, dulled by sand, chipped, and sun damaged? If you invested in a clear bra for your car when the paint job was still new, you’re probably kicked back and totally relaxed, enjoying the fact that your car looks like it’s years newer than it actually is. However, even a properly installed and long-lasting 3M protect…Read More

  5. How Long Will A Clear Car Bra Last?

    When you get a new car, fresh and sparkling and straight off the lot, people tend to have one of two trains of thought: protect it carefully and try to keep it in pristine condition at an almost obsessive level or, at the total opposite end of the spectrum, fervently wish to get the first little door ding out of the way so they can quit worrying so much about their car’s paint job. Thankfully, …Read More

  6. Welcome to the MasterShield Blog!

    Your vehicle is constantly under attack, and unfortunately, it’s not just from other drivers too busy texting to drive. Aside from the potential mayhem caused by other vehicles on the road or in the parking lot, there are a plethora of natural and environmental attackers than can wreak havoc on your car’s paint job. Think of it in similar terms to the human body; we can be sunburnt, trip and …Read More