Auto Window Tinting Facts You Might Not Know

For most car owners, particularly those who live in or drive frequently around Cathedral City, a window tint is only meant for getting the sun out of one’s eyes. While it is indeed true, and definitely one of the main reasons why auto window tinting in Cathedral City is a must, it is hardly the only interesting fact about this after market car upgrade. Here are a few more facts about car window tints that you might not know:

auto window tinting

It Keeps You Cool

Sunlight contains infrared rays, the same infrared rays used to heat up saunas. Without the protection of an auto window tinting, the interior of your car can easily heat up during the day. Due to the number of heat-absorbing things inside a car, such as the upholstery, there is a tendency for the heat to be retained even when the car is in the shade. A window tint helps prevent this, because the film can block as much as 60% of IR rays coming from the sun.

Keeps You Warm

On the other hand, the film does the opposite and protects you from extreme cold during the winter. This is because the film can prevent excessive heat loss, ensuring that it remains warm and cozy inside the car even when it’s freezing outside.

Conserves Energy

This is still related to the film’s heat blocking properties. But the film can also help conserve energy. This is because the more heat it blocks, the easier it is for your car’s AC. It no longer needs to work hard just to keep the interior cool. In a way, this also means you are helping the environment.

You Can Use a Car Tint Even in States Where it Is Banned

There are states that have laws against the use of car tints (mainly in an effort to reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by car drivers not being able to see each other eye to eye.) This is due to the fact that the laws only regulate dark tints that hide the car driver from the outside. There are car window tints that have lighter tints that still allow full visibility of the driver. Using these types of tints allow you to enjoy the protection it gives, while still complying with state laws.

You Should Get it Professionally Installed

You can technically turn a car window tint installation into a DIY project, but if you want to avoid problems like bubbles, peeling, and fading over time, it is best to just contact professional installers like Mastershield in Cathedral City. They use computer software, computer-assisted cutting tools, and highly trained technicians to ensure that the films are installed accurately and with no errors.