3M’s Crystalline Series Films Block UV Rays and Heat

3M is known for being a pioneer of paint protection films, mainly because they were the ones who helped develop it for military purposes (the films were used to coat helicopter blades and protect them from environmental damage.)

The PPFs have since found other applications in the automotive industry, and the technology itself gave way to even more specialized use. Case in point is 3M’s automotive window films, dubbed as the Crystalline Series, which work under the same principle as the PPFs in the sense that they protect car windows from rock chips and minor abrasions, but they also provide a unique and innovative feature: the ability to block heat and UV rays without the use of dark tint.

Traditionally, dark tint was used on windows in order to block sunlight, but the effect is nowhere near as good as 3M’s automotive window films. Additionally, the tint will usually affect visibility, and some states and regions have regulations as to how much tint can be used on cars.

3M’s Crystalline Series

These flaws with traditional dark tinted windows is not a problem with the Crystalline series, because their tint is several shades lighter than the average window tint, to the point of being almost clear and transparent. Yet they still block as much, if not more, heat and UV light. These automotive window films from 3M were developed specifically for drivers who want the sunlight-blocking properties of dark tinted windows, without struggling with the poor visibility that the tint brings and also without dealing with the hassle of regulations, as many states outright prohibit anything with less than 50% visible light transmission (VLT).

3M’s Crystalline Series has been in the market for almost a decade now, but it has recently seen a resurgence in popularity after being recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, mainly because of its use as an effective protection against the leading cause of skin cancer, UV radiation.

There are also other benefits. The Crystalline Series is able to block as much as 60 percent heat. This helps maintain the temperature inside the car at more manageable levels even during extremely sunny days. Even if you factor in the fact that most cars have AC on, the film still has the benefit of ensuring that your AC does not need to work as hard to cool the cabin. And, there’s also the plus that even if you leave the car parked without any shade, you can enter the car without being greeted by a hot seat or a skin-burning gear selector.

It helps to note that installation of 3M’s Crystalline Series film is not cheap because it could cost a car owner a couple of hundred or more dollars due to the cost of the film, as well as the cost of installation. But it helps to note that the film will eventually pay for itself due to all of the benefits listed above, as well as their claim of a better fuel mileage in the long-term.

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