3M Paint Protection Film is Better Than You Expect

At this point in time, people who have heard about the 3M paint protection film are aware that it is the best protection against stone chip damage. But it is a common misconception that its only purpose is to protect against stone chips. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, a paint protection film can protect against other things, including:

  • debris impact
  • abrasion
  • UV ray damage
  • weather damage
  • and other hazards that could affect the value of your car.

What Exactly is the 3M Paint Protection Film

3M Paint Protection Film

While there are numerous brands available right now, one of the most popular brands is the “clear bra” type of 3M Paint Protection Film.  The popularity is not surprising because 3M invented the technology. It was originally developed for military application, serving as a clear film that protects helicopter blades from sand erosion. It has since been marketed for commercial use and found to be more lucrative as protection for car paints, which are frequently subjected to hazards similar to the ones helicopter blades face in the desert.

Other manufacturers such as Xpel Clear Bra have released products that compete with 3M’s film. But regardless of the manufacturer they all have the same characteristics: a thin (usually .4mm and 150 micron) clear urethane film with enough strength and toughness to prevent stone chip damage from making its way to the car’s actual paint job. Some really high quality products even have self-healing capabilities that allow the films to “heal” from cuts, scrapes, and abrasions simply by leaving the car in the sun, where the heat will slightly melt and heal the damage sustained by the film. Learn more about 3M Paint Protection Film.

Benefits of Car Paint Protection Film

Car shield protection has several benefits outside of protecting your car paint from damage. Chief among these is that preserving the car’s look helps a lot in preserving the resale value of your vehicle. It also helps save money. It is true that a car paint protection film comes with a noticeable upfront cost, but it pays for itself over time. You will eventually save on costs related to repairs, repaints, and car cleaning materials. There is also the matter of the paint protection film itself enhancing the durability of your car. This gives you peace of mind due to no longer being constantly afraid of paint damage while driving.

However, there is one consideration to car paint protection film. While you can buy rolls of films on your own and install the film yourself, this is never advisable. It takes a lot of skill and practice (professional installers require at least a year of training.) If you mess up the installation, the repairs and reapplication could cost you a lot compared to simply having Mastershield do it the first time around. So if you need car paint protection film installed, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll handle everything, while keeping the cost as close to your budget as possible.

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